About Me

About me & my work

BMMARQ – Archviz is Borja Martí. I am an architect and an Architectural Visualization expert. My education as an architect has always been complemented by additional training in different disciplines related to architecture, such as graphic design, product design or photography. It all has allowed me to investigate and know new creative concepts and to have an architecture view which goes beyond the purely technical.

I love what I do, so I bring all my skills, years of experience and passion to take each project as a new challenge.

Welcome to my world

BMMARQ Archviz is an architectural firm specialized in the development of architectural images, providing them a traditional character.

Our training as architects allows us to identify and understand the structural performance of every building as well as to locate and discover the strengths of each project, allowing us to focus on each computer graphics, at the highest point of the project.

Our work is characterized by a careful study and care of every computer graphics, lovely treated in the same way as the architecture is drawn. Our job is not showing the reality projected by the architect in an image, our effort is focused on creating images which makes you feel what the architect wants to convey.

Our job is focused on reflecting the SOUL of every building with images.


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